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Lanes of Melbourne

Friday, October 22, 2004
Beaney Lane

I visited this lane because it has a cute name - reminds me of the ever-cuddly 'Beanie Bears'. Anyway, Beaney Lane is between Russell St, Exhibition St, Collins St and Flinders Lane.

It is a relatively short, dead-end lane with huge blank walls on all sides. The paint 'spill' at the end of the lane was really the only thing that made it interesting.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Waratah Place

Waratah Place is between Swanston St, Russell St, Lonsdale St and Little Bourke. It is one of the lanes that connect Chinatown with the Greek quarter, and the new QV development.

The laneway features back entrances to restaurants (and sex shops) actually facing, in an inviting way, into the laneway.

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Friday, October 08, 2004
Duckboard Place

Duckboard Place is surrounded by Flinder Lane, Flinders St, Russell St and Exhibition St. It connects with ACDC Lane (f Corporation Lane). There are three popular bars that are accessed by using this laneway hence why it is littered with various commercial posters.

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ACDC Lane (f. Corporation La)

ACDC Lane (formerly Corporation Lane) was only recently renamed in memory of one of Australia's most successful musical exports. It connects with Duckboard Place and is between Flinders Lane, Flinders St, Russell St and Exhibition St.

It is possibly the first lane in Melbourne to attract tourists simply because of its name. You'll notice that the lane's sign has already attracted street art (including a little lightening strip on the sign) and "ACDC Laneway to Hell" stenciled below it.

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